Root Canal Therapy in Round Rock, TX

Root Canal Therapy in Round Rock, TX

Getting a root canal may sound scary, but with modern dental techniques and technology, root canals are one of the most successful and pain-free procedures you can get.

Root Canal Therapy in Round Rock, TX

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental decay treatment for patients with dental decay extending beyond the dentin, and into the tooth’s core. The process involves accessing the pulp chamber and removing the infected pulp, before sealing the hole. It provides permanent relief from cavity-related pain and eliminates bacteria in the teeth. Our Round Rock dentists use anesthetic to ensure a smooth and painless procedure.

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most root canal treatments can be completed in one to three appointments?

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What Are the Benefits of Root Canal Therapy?

Offers Instant Pain Relief

Dental decay erodes the tooth, exposing the sensitive nerve fibers inside and causing excruciating pain. A root canal removes the infected pulp and seals the canals permanently alleviating the pain. This instant pain relief makes you more comfortable and helps you focus on your daily tasks.

Prevents the Spread of the Decay

Tooth decay easily spreads from one tooth to the next. A root canal eliminates all cavity-causing bacteria in the infected teeth, stopping the decay in its tracks. Advanced dental decay could lead to gum disease and eventually tooth loss.

Preserves Your Natural Smile

The dentist will remove decayed portions of your tooth and replace them with a dental filling. This gets rid of discoloration caused by dental decay and replaces it with a tooth-colored resin for a flawless smile.

The Root Canal Treatment Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these frequently asked questions, or call us to speak with our team.

Are Root Canals Painful?

No, root canals aren’t painful because the dentist will inject a local anesthetic into the gums near the affected tooth. Doing so numbs the region so the dentist can conduct the root canal without causing you any pain.

However, you might experience a bit of pain and discomfort after the root canal. The dentist will prescribe painkillers to help with the pain. Later on, you can use ice packs to help minimize the swelling after your root canal. Contact your dentist if you still feel pain in the affected tooth three days after the procedure.

Does Insurance Cover Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal coverage usually varies from one insurance provider to the next. However, most insurance providers will cover the treatment completely or at least offer partial coverage. Those that offer partial coverage offer 50% to 80% coverage, and you have to pay the rest out-of-pocket.

That said, it’s important to consult with your insurance agent before making any financial decisions about your root canal treatment. Serenity Dental Studio is proud to accept all of the popular insurance providers including AIG and many others.  Talk to us today, and we’ll give you a root canal estimate.

Can a Root Canal Be Done in One Visit?

Yes, technological advancements in dentistry have allowed dentists to conduct root canals in a single visit. This makes it a convenient treatment for patients with tight schedules or work peripatetic jobs. Talk to us today and we can get started on your root canal appointment right away.

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